My name is Happiness Okekeni Destiny. I am 31 years old. I noticed few months after my wedding in 2013, a lump on my left breast. It wasn’t there before I married but appeared few months into my wedding. I was really scared and concerned. I noticed sometimes it increases in size and sometimes it decreases in size. I visited the teaching hospital with my mum in 2016 two years after I had my baby.

The doctor examined it physically and said it was a fibro adenoma and that it came as a result of hormonal bla bla. We left there went to pishon women’s clinic in Makurdi and the doctor used the ultrasound scanning machine to check it and just asked us to remove it. He told my mum how much we were to pay mum tried asking him to beat the price down but he finally reduced it to what he felt was ok. But then I knew it wouldn’t be funny because it was going to put pressure on my husband because my mum already said he should be notified about the money. But I knew at that time that my hubby was just managing to handle bills because his salary was meagre and I wasn’t working either.

So while my mum and I left the hospital, she branched her friend’s house to condone with her over the loss of a family member, while I waited back in the car for her. While I waited there, I cried and cried begging God to please do something because I don’t want any insult coming to my husband. Because I knew how much pressure it would have been on my hubby and don’t know how my parents would have handled it. Funny enough, my mums friend discouraged her from the surgery at that point and advised her to use the prayer approach first, that was prayer answered for me. So I kept praying and believing God to dissolve it or better still make the money available for the operation or do something. And one day after Easter this year, I had an encounter that someone came paid all the expense, and I was operated free and something like a coffin head was removed from my breast and after the operation, I told my hubby, am free…am healed…no complications…and my hubby said yes thank God and we were happy. When I woke up from that dream, I took it that ok God had handled it but I didn’t know how it will I just remind God from time to time about the dream and thank Him in advance for what He’s done.

So one day while on Instagram, I saw the flier uploaded by my Brother and friend Minister Oche Jonkings. I felt reluctant to talk to him because I felt how will I tell him this now? Moreover, I don’t know how he will take it? He might even feel so her husband can’t pay for operation for her? These were my thoughts. So I didn’t talk to him about it just because of my fears and to cover my inadequacy. But one day while thinking about it, Min Oche sent me a message on something else and I said maybe God wants me to talk to Him. Maybe this is the answer to that prayer, I have been praying. So I summoned courage and talked to him. And he was all loving and welcoming. That why not? That I don’t need to pay nothing. Because I had purposed if I could pay the 10k to benefit from it. But he said nay. Unless I wanted to support the course. But really at that point, I felt relaxed and confident that he has my back. So I told my hubby about it, who said if it’s possible, then its I came, did scan again and was told it was a fibro adenoma. ‘

Though didn’t confirm it from the surgeon. And then I came to first fertility hospital where I met a group of some wonderful people. What thrilled me the most is they are born again. They are a BOF group from Lagos who go about showing love to people, imparting lives. And I met these lively people. They make you feel secured. They were really warm and welcoming and after a little talk with them, the lump that has terrified me for 5 years was removed just like that. Free of charge. I didn’t pay nothing… Till now, I still tell myself, so the lump that was like a part of my body that I feel every morning, noonday and night is no longer in my body? A lump that every prayer request paper given to me must be mentioned in it for the past five years. It’s gone and am free. Really free. I touch that place looking for it and I can’t find it. And then these scripture flashes on my mind…. the Egyptians you see today; you shall see them no more. And am like God what did I ever do to deserve this. When I woke up partially from the anaesthesia in the hospital that day, I told God freely as I have received, freely will I give, only empower me lord I pray.

When I got home, though in pains, I broke out crying asking God why he loves me so much, why he cares so much, why he has helped me this much. Then I remember the people he used. I remembered all the patients I met there who couldn’t afford the operation. And how their lives have been imparted. And it made me want to love the more. It gave me a new definition to what Christianity and love means. It goes far beyond me. It goes far beyond my blood line. It goes far beyond my family. These guys really demonstrated the love Christ gave and showed. I am grateful. My family is grateful. My husband is grateful and indebted for life. I am indebted for life. My baby is grateful too because she has also prayed about that lump before. And to the convener, God bless you. I lack words but God bless you.