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VISION 2020 – Appeal for Support and Collaborations
BOF set to offer 5,000 indigent women free surgery on fibroid, breast lump
BOF Love Concert Event
BOF 1st Year Anniversary
BOF Love Concert Event

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BOF set to offer 5,000 indigent women free surgery on fibroid, breast lump

Driven by love and compassion to help indigent people living with certain health conditions in the country, Benjamin Olowojebutu Foundation, a non-governmental organisation, has unveiled plans to offer free surgical interventions to 5,000 women suffering from fibroids, lipomas, breast lumps, and hernias in 2020. Aside the free surgeries, free eye screening and dental services would […]

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Number of Surgeries

Our Goals for 2019

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I’m Dr Benjamin Olowojebutu

Founder of Benjamin Olowojebutu Foundation (BOF) and Knife On Skin (KOS).

Touching lives everywhere is our mission!

How It All Started

We had an experience, we got a dream and we are striving daily using our God given gift to touch lives everywhere we go.

Our Work

We set a goal to carry out 1000 surgeries this year 2019 and we’ve surpassed it. Here are some of the work done so far…



Vision 36 is a healthcare project that the foundation seeks to treat a minimum of 36 indigent women with fibroids, lipomas and breast lump absolutely free of charge in each of the 6 Geopolitical zones of Nigeria.


Our mission is to help 36 indigent patients in each geopolitical zones plagued with Fibroids, Lipoma, Breast Lumps , Hernia and Hydrocele.


Our purpose is to change the healthcare space with love. If we can touch somebody’s hands we will make this world a better place.

Putting smiles in the face of the less priviledged

Dr Ben constant pursuit of excellence and undying love and compassion for indigent women gave birth to the BOF -#VISION36.

Our Services




Hydrocele REMOVAL


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Dr. Benjamin Olowojebutu is the Founder and Executive Director of the Benjamin Olowojebutu Foundation BOF a dream birthed and driven by his love and compassion to help indigent people suffering from various diseases such as Fibroids, Lipomas, Breast lumps, Hydrocele, and Hernias. The goal of BOF is to in the long run change the healthcare space with love and compassion.



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Happiness Okeke
A lump on my left breast

My name is Happiness Okekeni Destiny. I am 31 years old. I noticed few months after my wedding in 2013, a lump on my left breast. It wasn't there before I married but appeared few months into my wedding. I was really scared and concerned. I noticed sometimes it increases in size and sometimes it decreases in size. I visited the teaching hospital with my mum in 2016 two years after I had my baby.

Edem Okon
The Pain of Living ‘Without a Vagina’

…The pathetic story of a gruesome circumcision

That was where Edem Okon lived until November 19, 2018.

At 42, Edem is still a virgin. Nothing to cheer about this development given that it wasn’t really her choice.

If she had a choice, Edem would have long been married and probably had all her children by now. But no man would want to have a relationship with her, on a good day. Hence virginity for Edem became a burden she had to bear, due to complications she developed after she was circumcised as a child by no other person than her mother.

Annette Umah
Fibroid made me to look thinner

“I used to be healthier than I look now but since I was told that I had Fibroid, my body got thinner and the stomach bigger. In our community, there are many explanations for this kind of looks ranging from witchcraft to “mbiam”...everything but Fibroid. A lot of people have come to me with different local medications telling it will suck all that is making my stomach to swell and everything will get back to normal.

Favour Anthony Effiong
Couldn’t get pregnant again due to Fibroid!

A lot of women are going through so many things in the hands of family members because of Fibroid. After I had my first child, and couldn’t get pregnant again for a long time, I decided to seek help. You know as a religious person, the first thing I did was to go to church and seek spiritual help considering the fact that everything that happens has a spiritual undertone.

Dr Ben


I’m very grateful to God for keeping me alive even though I walk with a cane now I’m eternally grateful.

Wow I am full of gratitude. It’s exactly 3years today I was involved in a ghastly accident with multiple fracture of my right femur.

So, on this fateful day at 10.30 pm 4th November 2016 on my way home just 5mins from my house this drunken driver hit me hard, it was head on collision. It was a bad day. I had just buried my Dad 2 months prior to this sad Day. Before his death his final words were ” A good man will have good money but not all rich men are good men. To be a good man you must give back to the community consciouly”…


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VISION 2020 – Appeal for Support and Collaborations

VISION 2020 – Appeal for Support and Collaborations

VISION 2020 This new year is tagged the NEW TRIBE. Africans Helping Africans!The vision 2020 is to help people in various states and cities of our great nation Nigeria get ride of Fibroid, Lipomas, Breast lumps, Hydrocele, and Hernias cum body tags through free...

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