300 rape cases!

Bariga is one of the local government areas notorious for high cases of rape in Lagos state. According to figures from the Mirabel Centre, over 300 victims have come in from Bariga between 2013 and 2020 for treatment.

Add this to the number of unreported cases and the legion of reported cases that were killed by men and officers of the Pedro Police station (notorious for killing rape cases) then you know what it means to be a woman in Bariga.
And to say that these rapists are brazen and daring is understating the fact. You see them strutting around the bus parks every day.
There was the case of a lady who was raped and some members of the CDA went with the lady to file a report at the Pedro police station expecting them to take the appropriate steps. The suspect was arrested. And shortly after he was released, he went straight to the victim’s house to warn her “never to try that rubbish again” because next time she would be so assaulted that she won’t be able to walk let alone go to the police station to report.
Again, that is Bariga;a  place where a girl is raped and she sees the rapist every day is going to work and on her way back. And the guy is not only walking freely but also increasing the number of victims.
This was the ugly scenario that spurred men in the LGA led by the National Youth Council, Bariga Council, working in concert with Men Against Rape, the Mirabel Centre, the Domestic and Sexual Violence Response Team (DSVRT) and the office of the First Lady of Lagos State to organize the Walk Against Rape this Saturday.
It was another opportunity to sensitize residents of Bariga about rising incidents of rape within their community and empower them to take responsibility for ending it. It was also an opportunity for a few good men in Bariga to take a stand against rape.
It was a high impact walk which ended with the unveiling of a signpost declaring Bariga a RAPE-FREE ZONE. The first lady, Dr. Mrs. Ibijoke Sanwoolu was present to do the unveiling.
Let’s take a stand to end rape!