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Touching lives everywhere! Donate and help more women and men in fibriod, lipomas, lumps and hernia surgery.


VISION36 is a health care project that the foundation seeks to treat a minimum of 36 indigent women with fibroids, Lipomas and breast lumps absolutely free of charge in each of the 6 Geo political zones of Nigeria.

When you partner with BOF, you empower us spread love in the health care space which is the purpose of this love driven initiative.



Happiness Okeke

My name is Happiness Okekeni Destiny. I am 31 years old. I noticed few months after my wedding in 2013, a lump on my left breast. It wasn't there before I married but appeared few months into my wedding. I was really scared and concerned. I noticed sometimes it increases in size and sometimes it decreases in size. I visited the teaching hospital with my mum in 2016 two years after I had my baby.

Edem Okon

…The pathetic story of a gruesome circumcision

That was where Edem Okon lived until November 19, 2018.

At 42, Edem is still a virgin. Nothing to cheer about this development given that it wasn’t really her choice.

If she had a choice, Edem would have long been married and probably had all her children by now. But no man would want to have a relationship with her, on a good day. Hence virginity for Edem became a burden she had to bear, due to complications she developed after she was circumcised as a child by no other person than her mother.

Annette Umah

“I used to be healthier than I look now but since I was told that I had Fibroid, my body got thinner and the stomach bigger. In our community, there are many explanations for this kind of looks ranging from witchcraft to “mbiam”...everything but Fibroid. A lot of people have come to me with different local medications telling it will suck all that is making my stomach to swell and everything will get back to normal.

Favour Anthony Effiong

A lot of women are going through so many things in the hands of family members because of Fibroid. After I had my first child, and couldn’t get pregnant again for a long time, I decided to seek help. You know as a religious person, the first thing I did was to go to church and seek spiritual help considering the fact that everything that happens has a spiritual undertone.

Glory Patrick Ita

It hasn’t been an easy journey for me because I thought I was pregnant with child. Having to deal with the loss of 3 children to different medical conditions wasn’t easy for me as a mother but the sight of the protruding stomach brought back a little bit of hope. For almost 2 years nothing happened and I had to go to the hospital to check up and run a scan. It was during this scan that I was told that I wasn’t pregnant but it was Fibroid.

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Benjamin Olowojebutu Foundation

Is it government intiative & sponsor?


Are the surgery free?

Yes! For vision36 medical outreach

How many states have you covered?

About 20