Our dear nation attained independence from her colonial watchkeepers with the hope that it will inspire further development of the nation in all ramifications. Though, those young patriotic Nigerians who midwife the Independence struggle had good intentions of speeding up the development of Nigeria.

There is no gainsaying that Nigeria has unavoidably suffered unnecessary developmental punctuations and stagnations as a result of military misrules and democratic rascalities.

There is a fundamental element that makes humanity meaningful and Instigates its advancement and It is called LOVE. Governance is the fundamental craft in advancing humanity while LOVE is the needed tonic for good governance.

What has impeded good governance In Nigeria is the obvious absence of LOVE in our lexicon of governance. So much avoidable division in our polity and the unwillingness to care for each other.

The flight of LOVE has not only affected governance but also other spaces of our polity like HEALTH. Our Health Sector has suffered so much due to the lack of LOVE thereby Instigating very profitable Medical tourism at our own peril as a nation.

Our past and the present crop of leaders have not exuded the needed LOVE for the people towards improving our health care sector and galvanizing the real change we desire. There will never be any considerable improvement in our health care Sector without LOVE.

The Covid-19 pandemic came like a tsunami and ravaged every fibre of our lives and brought us into a NEW NORMAL and our lives have never been the same again. I believe there will be great light at the end of the tunnel and our nation will be great again when LOVE becomes the focal point of all we do as a nation.

This is how I see my Nigeria in the next 60 years.

A country committed to her people with genuine love and compassion for taking out poverty from the land.

A country that believes not only in exporting her human capital but also creating the right environment for retaining them.

A country with a very detailed dream and clear vision that makes every citizen inclusive.

A country that doesn’t only appreciate the product but also magnifies the process.

I love my country it’s my father’s land.

I will be here playing my own part changing the narrative and touching lives everywhere.

What will you be doing?


Happy Independence Day to our Great County

Long live The Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Dr. Benjamin Oluwatosin Olowojebutu
Executive Director/ Founder
Benjamin Olowojebutu Foundation (BOF)